Today was the last day of the FOC photographic hull survey. Bittersweet. We accomplished a lot, but it was sad to see “the crew” leave for the last time.

Discussing the pumping system and remaining work to be done on it:

discussing pumping system

The last tank to be photographed was Tank 4 on the port side of the ship. We didn’t have time to pump out the ballast water, so we did what we could.

Broken stanchion and water:

tank 4 stanchion and water

Collision = bent and cracked frames. There is more damage beyond the bulkhead in Tank 5.

collision damage

It has been lovely to have the ship buzzing with activity. I could not help but feel rather down, as I sat alone in my cabin for a while before heading for home.

The old man shouts, the pumps stand by,
Leave her, Johnny, leave her!
Oh, we can never suck her dry.
An’ it’s time for us to leave her!


One comment on “Pau

  1. starbuck5250 says:

    The winds will blow on her again!

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