It’s Kind of Like…Geology!

Early morning run to pick up more PVC bits for the pumping system. On the way to FOC, stopped off at a different part of the harbor and took a few pics.

Kupa‘a, one of the three Superferry barges:


A very dead (unfortunately) fish:

dead fish

Sun Princess at Pier 10, with Pride of America in the distance:

Sun Princess

Young Brothers barge Kaholo:

YB barge Kaholo

Back on the ship, we had some work to do in the aftpeak. We needed a few more photos of the bulkhead at frame 23. We also took some measurements and tried to see if we could clear enough muck away to find the concrete that is supposedly coating the lower part of the hull.

It was work, but it was also fun in a strange way. I guess it reminds me of my days as a geology major. Going down into the confined-space areas of the ship is like a field trip to a cave or mine.

Tucked away in one of my photo albums is a rather dorky picture of me in a miner’s helmet, standing somewhere in Sterling Hill Mine (before it ceased operations) in New Jersey. It was quite an experience, as is creeping cautiously around in FOC’s aftpeak.

me aftpeak

I posted a photo of ripple marks in the sediment in a previous blog entry. Here’s one of mud cracks:


Like I said…geology.

Detail of the lower part of the jigger mast:

jigger detail

We have been walking and standing on the stringers:

on a stringer

Not ideal, but it’s the easiest way to move around, given the conditions in the area.

Clearing the muck away was a rather futile exercise. We gathered a sample just for the heck of it:

muck sample


Side note: The bottom of the aft draft mark pole came loose, so it’s crooked again. 😦 The one at the bow got itself unstuck. 🙂 I guess there must have been a bit of a swell in the harbor.


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