Sunday Checkup

Okay, call me a worrywart. Went back to the ship today to do the maintenance I didn’t have a chance to do yesterday and to check on the area we excavated.

Ship still floating…very good.

Ate my lunch on the pier before getting to work. Spicy ahi poke bowl and “bad for you” fizzy drink:

poke bowl

More of the curious jigger (tween deck):


Port side of ship. White mark indicates location of the bulkhead at frame 23. Let’s see…L…K…J…I…H…


I wandered over to Aloha Tower Marketplace after leaving the ship. It’s really sad how empty it is.

The luxury yacht Tamsen at Pier 9:


Very nice, but a lot of stuff for the minions to polish:

Tamsen detail

Twice the aloha. Barricades at Pier 8:

Aloha x2

“I’m cousin…”? Itt? Ali‘i Kai guest sticker on the sidewalk on the way towards Pier 6:


Someone had a good time:


Saw my first kolea of the season! Time and birds fly!


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