Hiding in Plain Sight

I’ve mentioned side ports before. Although the jury is still out, in terms of the actual use/function, I believe FOC has four of them (to be covered in a future blog post). They’re not obvious unless you are specifically looking for them.

Here’s a teaser:

plimsoll and port

Bonus points if you can spot the Plimsoll line in this pic.

After I left the ship, I walked along the harbor, went through Chinatown, then followed Nu‘uanu stream (flows into Honolulu Harbor) up to School Street.

Rat guards at the bow of Ginga Maru:

Ginga Maru rat guards

Must have been some party at Aloha Tower:

bottles in drums

Lots of empty bottles:


Don’t know if the rum is any good, but I approve of the label design:

ship label

Was looking at fish (aholehole) at one of the piers:

aholehole school

I’ve been to this particular area numerous times. However, today I got a bit of a surprise. What I had previously dismissed as just an old rusty post sticking out from the bottom, turned out to be part of an old anchor.

anchor 1

Sorry for the poor photos. There is a chain link fence in the way, so I was unable to get closer or move to a place where I could get better angles for shots.

Fluke detail:


anchor 2

This buoy reminds me of a big, floating, rotting orange:

orange float

It also looks like it has a face!

Large fender:


Winch on American Marine crane barge:


Shiny props:


Unfriendly fence put up to keep people out of the harbor:

keep out

Two mallards (out of a small flock) feeding in Nu‘uanu stream:


A wandering tattler (thanks to Ling for the ID) standing around:

wandering tattler

Part of the stream under an overpass:

Nuuanu Stream


2 comments on “Hiding in Plain Sight

  1. starbuck5250 says:

    I get no bonus points 😦 On the other hand, I did get to see some gorgeous photos of a magnificent harbour!

  2. […] wrote about an old anchor in a previous post (Hiding in Plain Sight). When I walked by the area this afternoon, the tide was low and I got new photos showing more of […]

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