Reflecting on Things

Most of the things I do on board FOC are thankless, routine maintenance jobs. Frankly, some of them can be quite unpleasant. However, as anyone who works on a ship knows, they have to be done and someone has to do them.

Why do I do them week after week? I once asked Brush if I was crazy. He replied, “No, you love an old ship.” That’s indeed what it boils down to. I do love her and enjoy spending time with her. She’s a good old gal with many fascinating tales to tell those who are willing to stop and listen.

There have been, and continue to be, frustrating situations that wear me down emotionally and mentally. I constantly wonder how I manage to hang in there when things are sometimes quite bleak.

I credit my parents for drilling into me the importance of giving 100% to whatever task I set out to do. If they were here, I hope they’d be proud of me. Secondly, I credit my old school, Bryn Mawr, for helping to build the confidence I have in myself to tackle new and difficult things outside my comfort zone. Last, but not least, I thank my friends, mentors, and the experts who have given and continue to give me their time and advice.


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