Yesterday’s rainy weather continued today, broken up by periods of sunshine.

rain on deck

I took the opportunity to walk around the ship to check if the scuppers were doing their job and to look for areas where the rain was leaking down on to the tween deck.

A porthole in my cabin that doesn’t shut properly:

porthole leak

One task I had planned for today was to look around on the decks for rivet heads that have popped off. I found one and removed another that was ready to fall off.

rivet heads

Rail area showing spots where the rivet heads are gone:

rivet heads gone

The loose aft draft mark pole resting at a different angle today:

loose again

On to the ship spotting…

Namahoe, now with Kirby logos, heading for the fuel barge:

Namahoe Kirby

Kokua and the Matson crane barge Haleakala:

Kokua and Haleakala

Tiger 5 arriving to assist the Chinese ship Haixun 31:

Tiger 5

I wanted to get some pictures of the Haixun 31 while she was at the pier, but was told by a guard that photography wasn’t allowed.

I did manage to get this one of her name and rat guards:

Haixun 31 name rat guards

Naughty me!

Spoke briefly with Paul, who was on the pilot boat:

Paul with Kawika

Haixun 31 leaving Pier 10:

Haixun 31

Detail of stern with crew members and helicopter:

stern with helicopter

People on hand to say goodbye:

people goodbye

More rain:



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