Cosmetic Stuff and Fo’c’sle Details

I was tired of looking at the old flaking varnish on the coaming of the small hatch on the weather deck, so I decided to sand, clean, and varnish part of it. I worked on the port- and starboard-facing sides today. It was nice to be able to use the random orbit sander. I did the side facing forward when we had no power on the ship. Hand sanding was not fun.

port side of hatch

starbd side of hatch

After scrubbing the wood with water, applying oxalic acid, and rinsing, I let it dry out. That’s one nice thing about a sunny day on an iron ship. Things dry quickly.

While I was waiting, I decided to poke around in the fo’c’sle.

I found more rivet head samples to send to Vern:

rivets from fo'c'sle

The rivet has failed here:

rivet fail

The pieces of metal it once held together are being pushed apart by pack rust.

Holes in the plates are definitely scary. Fortunately, these are far above the waterline.

daylight not good

fo'c'sle corrosion port

The back of the port trailboard is visible through this hole:

holes in plate trailboard

There’s a circular opening (I don’t know the correct term) in the bulkhead, which I stuck my head (and camera) through.

The area forward of the bulkhead is a perfect space for critters (rats, cockroaches…) to hide out in. I’m glad there weren’t any. There was this odd attempt at a patch and a roll of duct tape:

odd patch and duct tape

I helped do some painting, then put the first coat of le Tonkinois on the areas I had prepared.

Port side with a view of the aft side that still needs to be worked on:

port side tonkinois

Starboard side:

starbd side tonkinois

Much better! I will probably head down to the ship tomorrow to put another coat on.


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