Humid Day

I was down at the ship again today for a meeting. It was a nice, but really humid day.

During the meeting, a guy decided to cool off by jumping into the harbor at Pier 8 near Hooters (the Star of Honolulu was out at sea). This was not a brilliant idea on his part. It was a good thing that he could swim, as there was no ladder to climb out of the water right where he was. He ended up clinging to one of the concrete supports, while his friends wondered what to do. One tried to help him out, but quickly realized the futility of it.

Harbor Police arrived in a matter of minutes. After assessing the situation, the officer retrieved a life ring from the trunk of his car. The fellow in the water ended up swimming over to one of the ladders further along the pier.

not a good idea

He got out safely, only to face a nice chat with the officer and a couple of his buddies.

After the meeting, I went aboard the ship to put another coat of varnish on the areas I sanded and varnished yesterday. Did I mention it was humid? Yeah. I did what I had to do as quickly as possible.

The tourists waiting for transportation were probably happy about the shelters:


After leaving the ship, I didn’t feel like lingering too long. I did get this pic of Tiger 7 in the dry dock:

Tiger 7 in dry dock

On the way home, I took a pic of more street art (on Hotel Street, next to NEXTDOOR) with a nautical theme:


P.S. Four years and hopefully many more.


One comment on “Humid Day

  1. Chloe says:


    I saw that you have some street art pics on your blog. I started a page on fb “StreetArt in Hawaii” and I would like to post the pics you took there giving you credit as the photographer. Is that possible? Please e-mail me on fb if you can… I also have a friend (girl) who loves ships, and she sails etc, here in HI, I think you two should meet =) Mahalo! Chloe

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