There was an obvious increase in foot traffic along the sidewalk. I guess it was a result of the two cruise ships in port and the new bus/trolley stop (see previous post).

To take advantage of this opportunity to reach more people, the old banner was moved from the pier to the ship and positioned so that it can be seen from the sidewalk:

banner on ship

It’s not the best, but it’s better than nothing. We should invest in a new one.

Not as impressive as the SBX, but still eye-catching, Pacific Tracker:

Pacific Tracker

Here is an interesting article about the history of the ship: SS Pacific Tracker – Proof old ships are worth something

Old ships are worth something, indeed!

Marine debris in the form of a soda bottle by FOC’s bow:

bottle debris

While I don’t like trash (who does?), I do like the combination of colors, light, and motion in this photo.


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