She’s NOT a Pirate Ship!

I worked on this before, but it was, as we say in Hawai‘i, a kapulu job. So, I redid it. The whole thing will have to be replaced eventually because the wood is badly termite eaten. In the past, someone tried to repair some of the damage with wood filler, but it wasn’t done very well (yeah, kapulu).

rudder brake varnish

The work on the rails on the poop deck is paying off. The area is looking much better:

rails varnished

As I was taking the above photo from the second level of Aloha Tower Marketplace, a local family walked up and stood next to me. The father said to his daughter, “Look at the pirate ship.”

Cringe. Sigh.

I was tempted to say something, but held my tongue. If the circumstances were different, I would have gently corrected him. (For the record, I was not wearing the FOC pirate theme T-shirt!)

Pirates (à la Johnny Depp) are popular and the swashbuckler genre has increased the general public’s awareness of and interest in tall ships. The downside is that every big sailing ship with more than one mast is seen as a “pirate ship.” FOC doesn’t have the traditional faux gun ports (which can cause some confusion) painted on her hull like some of the other surviving ships from her era. She does have square freeing ports that look somewhat like gun ports. However, anyone who is familiar with historic ships would know the difference.

Manoa arrived while I was at Aloha Tower. It’s always fun to watch ships turn in the turning basin.

Manoa bow

Not a sight you want to see if you’re in a small boat in the water:

detail Manoa bow

Harbor water churned up as Manoa was turning around:

water disturbed

One of Tosakaien Maru’s rat guards:

rat guard Tosakaien Maru


2 comments on “She’s NOT a Pirate Ship!

  1. starbuck5250 says:

    Those rails look great. I think you may be the only person to have an extensive catalogue of rat guards, and I’m glad you thought to do it!

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