Hands Off That Line!

About a month ago, I ran across this article about the schooner Silva:

Tall Ship Silva set adrift by pranksters

Some miscreants cast off all but one of Silva’s lines. The remaining one eventually parted and the ship drifted in Halifax Harbor until she was towed back to her pier.

We have some dumbasses here as well. If they’re not trying to cut through our lines, it seems they think tossing them in the water is great fun. Grr.

I spotted this when I arrived at the ship this morning:

line in water

When I called the Tower to report the incident, they told me that they had been notified about it yesterday and that a Harbor Police unit had been dispatched.

Thank you, but please let us know next time! Fortunately, no harm done.

Line back on bollard:

line back in place

The steering gear on the poop deck is currently exposed to the weather, so the unpainted parts of it rusted. I went to work with a wire brush. After washing and letting the areas dry, I applied rust converter.

rust converter


steering gear detail

Ready for a coat of paint to protect it for the time being. Hope to see the entire assembly functioning again one day.

I guess I should have worn gloves while applying the converter:

gloves needed

My hands are still mucky despite multiple washes.

Not a lot going on in the harbor today, shipwise. The usual inter-island barges arriving and Pride of America at Pier 2.

Another familiar visitor, Shinkai Maru at Pier 8:

Shinkai Maru

I documented her chafing gear and rat guards in a previous post:

Learning New Things


One comment on “Hands Off That Line!

  1. starbuck5250 says:

    Karma will get those dumbasses.

    The steering gear looks great. Will that big worm gear get greased? I love seeing the details of this ship!

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