Déjà Vu

When I arrive at the ship in the morning, I usually do a visual inspection. Given what happened last week, I paid special attention to the mooring lines yesterday.

attempt at cut

While it’s a backup line, it’s still disturbing to see. Reported to Harbor Police.

There was some ship activity in the harbor!

I missed out on getting good photos of Thunder/Lightning, an integrated tug and barge. 😦 The shipping schedule said it/they were supposed to leave on Friday night. I should know by now that the schedule isn’t always right.

Thunder/Lightning just leaving the harbor:


HR Recommendation turning in the basin:

HR Recommendation

Tiger 11 assisting HR Recommendation:

Tiger 11 at work

Screen shot from MarineTraffic.com showing HR Recommendation offshore after leaving the harbor:

Screen Shot MarineTraffic.com

Sause Bros. Natoma:


Fender on Satsumaseiun Maru:

fender Satsumaseiun Maru

On my way home, I passed by the mooring line where my morning started.

fruit loops

What next?


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