Winter Weather

Got a taste of winter weather…rainy and slightly chilly.

tank hatches

rain water scupper

The rain meant that tasks like painting and varnishing stuff on deck couldn’t be done. Oh well. Lots of other things to work on!

I checked for leaks and placed buckets, as I usually do when it rains. They inevitably get used or moved around when they are dry and empty. To try to stop this from happening, I started writing “Rain Bucket – Do Not Move” on them as I set them out this morning. That got old really fast, so I decided to do something else.

Since I’ve been studying the condition of other ships’ chafing gear, I thought that it was important to see to FOC’s.

The bollards are in awkward places, so FOC’s mooring lines aren’t ideally placed. For example these rub against the rail along the edge of the pier:

worn chafing gear

I can’t remember when we put this set of chafing gear on, but they needed replacing as they were worn through.

Old gear and twine removed:

removed gear

New gear in place:

new chafing gear

I was visited by a male sparrow, who thought standing on one of the lines was a good thing:

sparrow on line

While taking a short break, I spotted a spotted porcupine fish (the pale blob). Unfortunately, the camera focused on the rusty ladder instead of the fish:

rusty ladder

Here’s a slightly better shot:

spotted porcupine fish

I watched Mokihana pull away from Pier 1. She was facing the wrong direction, so she had to turn around in order to leave the harbor.

Mokihana turning

Mokihana bow

Mikioi assisting Mokihana:

Mikioi and Mokihana

Finally, the decommissioned Coast Guard cutter Jarvis leaving the harbor:



2 comments on “Winter Weather

  1. starbuck5250 says:

    Like you need more to do – labelling buckets! And yet, there is utility in this rainy day chore. I have an old truck that seems to leak only when I can’t get to caulking it up for a while. I always forget exactly where the water is coming in. I started putting a ring/square of painter’s tape around it when I see it dripping. At least I know where it’s coming in now. Nice work on the chafing gear.

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