Aborted Effort

Another day of not getting much done on the ship. Too many of them lately! Part of it was me not feeling 100%. I also forgot my cell phone at home.

Since I was the only one on the ship and I didn’t have the phone in case of an emergency, caution was the word of the day. I wanted to install the pole that I had made last week, but that would involve working in the pump room. Lots of hazards down there, so it was better to put it off. I chipped some rust off the hull and applied rust converter instead.

When I went below, I discovered the ship lei* (for 12/12/12) had been brought aboard. I decided to see what I could do by myself (usually two of us work on it). I set it up on the fo’c’sle deck, but found I just didn’t have the energy to finish the job (involved putting on a harness and multiple trips down to the street level).

I may have help tomorrow morning, so that will be good.

ship lei

From the pier:

aborted effort

While wrestling with the lei, a tourist trolley pulled up to the stop across the street. I could hear the driver talking about FOC. I hope I’m not in any photos.

Speaking of being in photos, this gentleman was playing a tune (didn’t recognize it) on the violin with FOC as the backdrop:

fiddle playing

This is why I don’t like practicing on my pipes in public. People tend to take pictures or video of you. I really don’t want to wind up on YouTube.

Sause Bros. Salishan arriving:


Columbia Highway:

Columbia Highway

These car carriers are not very pretty, but they are fascinating in their own way.

no tug tug

Star of Honolulu chafing gear:

Star of Honolulu chafing gear

*Mahalo to NOAA for use of the lei!


One comment on “Aborted Effort

  1. starbuck5250 says:

    Hoping you feel better soon! Have you thought about putting just the sound of your pipes on YouTube? Maybe with a photo slideshow of FOC. I know how you feel about having a photo taken. That Ro-Ro makes me think of Baltic Ace; sad loss. The chafing gear is very interesting. I wonder how well that works compared to a more traditional covering? Looking forward to photos of the lei.

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