Right Time, Right Place

One of the tasks on the list today was taking the borrowed ship lei off the ship. While I was standing on the area (starboard side) next to the bowsprit near where it enters the hull, I happened to look down. I was amazed and delighted to see a honu (green sea turtle) swimming around the bow of the ship. How awesome is that? Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera at hand, so no photo. 😦

Since I started spending time on the ship, I’ve seen some pretty cool sea creatures: large needlefish and porcupine fish, spotted eagle rays, a small whitetip reef shark, a pod of dolphins, and two humpback whales. Now a turtle. What next? Monk seal?

Two of the sounding poles I made up were installed—one in the pump room and the other in the aftpeak.

Pole attached to a stanchion just aft of the jigger mast:

pole in aftpeak

The foot of the pole is resting on the keelson. There’s nearly six inches of sediment covering it at the moment.*

I didn’t get a photo of the pole in the pump room. Perhaps next time. While attaching it to the stanchion just aft of the fore mast, I got to stand on the keelson. That was quite neat. I wonder when was the last time someone got to do that? Attaching the second, shorter pole in the pump room is proving to be more difficult. I will have to work out something.

*The pole is marked in three-inch increments.


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