Bright Day After All

The day didn’t start off too well. I needed water to do some cleaning, so I walked over to one of the taps on the ship with my bucket. Nothing. Different tap? Hm. Odd. Fiddled with valves on pier. Still nothing. Made phone calls. Found out why the water was turned off. Frustration! Fiddled with valves some more. Finally got it working.

There went at least 30 minutes of my time!

Anyway, things got better as the day went along. It was nice to see Robert Jamieson again and to touch bases with a friend. We also had some very delightful volunteers doing some painting on board.

I was in a much better mood when it was time to leave. It was such a nice day, that I decided to sit down for a while and enjoy the sunshine while watching the activity in the harbor.

The Weeks 554 crane barge arrived under tow by American Contender:

Weeks 554 crane barge

Detail of crane:

Weeks 554 crane detail

The tanker Fairchem Friendship leaving the harbor:

Fairchem Friendship leaving

Not the best photo of the ship, but I like the glittering water and the pilot boat following behind.

Three’s a crowd…

Maui arriving in the harbor and passing by Mokihana:

Mokihana and Maui

Maui bridge wing:

on the bridge wing

Manoa at the pier and Maui going astern (after turning in the basin):

Manoa and Maui

American Contender later on in the day without the burden of the crane barge:

American Contender

Sause Bros. Capt. Les Easom:

Capt Les Easom

When I got home, I found a package from American Rope and Tar sitting on my porch. Yay!


One comment on “Bright Day After All

  1. Buck says:

    Love the harbour activity photos!

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