Unexpected Work Day

I had intended to do work around the house today, but I wound up at the ship instead.

As I mentioned in my last post, I got a package in the mail yesterday:


It contained a much-needed can of le Tonkinois*:

new can

I usually apply new coats of varnish before the previous work becomes too worn. Due to lack of time, I let things go a bit too long. Thus, I had to do more work on the rail than usual.

Yay for electricity and a random-orbit sander:

sanded rail

After a few hours of work, it looked much better:

coated rail

Speaking of looking better, here is part of a yard that was coated with primer yesterday by volunteers:

painted yard

Interesting ship of the day, Condock IV (a dockship):

Condock IV

I wanted to get more/better photos of her. However, she departed earlier than expected (while I was busy varnishing). So, no luck there. 😦

Maersk Matsuyama…something’s not quite right:

Maersk Matsuyama

On the ship again tomorrow to apply another coat of varnish, then later on in the evening for the New Year’s fireworks.

*I noticed a slight change to the design on the can. It used to say “Homologué par la Marine Nationale” on the hull of the ship at the bottom right.


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