New Year

I didn’t work on the ship yesterday as I had planned. I took a break and went to see the first installation of The Hobbit.

Later on in the evening, I did go to the ship to watch the fireworks show at Aloha Tower.

Work goes on in the harbor. Pilot boat in the dark:

pilot boat at night

There was a competition of sorts between Aloha Tower Marketplace (ATM) and Kakaako Waterfront Park, with both locations featuring entertainment, food, and fireworks. The crowd at ATM was noticeably smaller this year.

Kakaako fireworks visible from the harbor:

Kakaako fireworks

This year, the ATM fireworks weren’t launched from a barge off the stern of FOC as in previous years. I don’t know if they were on a barge or on Pier 9, but they were being set off quite close to the buildings. Kind of scary.

Aloha Tower fireworks:

Aloha Tower fireworks

Hopefully, 2013 will be a brighter year for everyone and for FOC.


One comment on “New Year

  1. Buck says:

    Happy 2013 and mahalo for all your work in 2012.

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