Wind! Rain! Ugh.

I don’t like gusty wind. The sound of the wind woke me up early this morning. When I can’t sleep, I get up and do stuff on the computer. I checked my email to find a tsunami information statement related to a strong earthquake in Alaska. Great. Then a short while later, another one came in related to an earthquake on the Big Island. Fortunately, no watch or warning for Hawai‘i. Whew!

If you’re interested in receiving tsunami-related emails/messages, you can sign up here: PTWC – Subscribe to Messages

In addition to the wind, it has been raining on and off for most of the day.

Waiting at a bus stop (Hollies!) on the way to the ship this morning:

rainy morning

Much better conditions down at the harbor (still windy but less rainy):

rainbow Sand Island

Mostly barge traffic on the schedule for today.

Sause Bros. Mary Catherine arriving with Haleakala:

Mary Catherine and Haleakala

It’s always fun to watch the tugs. Mary Catherine, engines working hard, maneuvering to slow the barge down:

Mary Catherine turning

The wind and rain meant maintenance tasks like securing things on board the ship and emptying buckets.

For fun, during a rainy period, I made a large monkey fist out of some extra line:

monkey fist

I took my usual walk along the pier after leaving the ship. Musashi was at Pier 9 again.

Spotted this:

face on bollard

Looks like the bollard is being choked by Musashi’s lines.


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