Sanding More Stuff

More about last Saturday’s work on the ship…

I felt energized, so I decided to do some sanding:


Goodbye old, yellow, flakey varnish and dirt!

In progress:

before and after

Left: Long-term neglect. Middle: Sanded but not yet cleaned. Right: Sanded, cleaned, and varnished.

A long, but good day.


As I was leaving the ship, it was pointed out to me that there were two young boys climbing and standing on the mooring lines that lead from the port side of the ship to the street. Great, just great.

I walked over and asked the gentleman who was standing nearby if they were his children. He said that they were and that he was watching them. I asked him (nicely) to have them get off the lines. His reply: “They are just having some fun.” Uh, yeah. How much fun would it be if they fell off and cracked their heads on the sidewalk? There are sturdy, yellow barricades on both sides of the lines. Doesn’t that tell you something?

A few additional harbor scenes…

Someone lost a snack on the lower part of the wall facing the bow of the ship:

lost snack

Tanker Hai Soon 39:

Hai Soon 39

Walking to West Marine to meet up with a friend, I came across this section of missing fence:

fence gone

Wonder how that happened?


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