And Again!

Today was another nice day at the harbor, sunny but not too hot. Guess what I did?


varnish one side

It does make a difference! It’s nice to see the old girl with a bit of spit and polish.

difference visible

starboard side from pier

Yeah, I know…yawn. Enough of that.

Tug of the day, Nakoa:


I decided to take a walk toward Pier 4.

Tanker Overseas Samar:

Overseas Samar

Aside from the obvious “No Smoking,” tankers seem to have messages painted below the bridge. (Hmm…a new collection of photos?) The most common one is “Safety First.” Some of the other Overseas tankers say “Protect the Environment.” The message on Overseas Samar is “Do It Right.”

I’ve noticed some sea grape seeds on FOC’s deck lately. Here are a lot of them on the ground beneath a tree:

sea grape fruit

Seaweed growing on one of Ali‘i Kai’s lines:

seaweed on Ali‘i Kai line

Kolea jumping over a mooring line (the same one as above):

kolea jump

Not jumping, but still not pleased to have its picture taken:

kolea standing

A collector urchin (Tripneustes gratilla) and its unadorned friend:

collector urchin

A NOAA police boat:

NOAA police boat

Back near Pier 7, a moorish idol (Zanclus cornutus) / kihikihi:

moorish idol


One comment on “And Again!

  1. Buck says:

    The newly varnished woodwork looks great! Thanks also for sharing the photos of the area. Love that final photo!

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