“It’s Not Your Grandma’s Piano…”

Yesterday started off with a visit from the pilot boat. At first I thought it was Paul, but it wasn’t.

pilot boat by FOC

Paul did arrive at the ship a little bit later to do more work on the pump system:

more work on pump system

While the wood bits on the ship are not pieces of fine furniture, it’s easy to get obsessive about sanding and varnishing. I’m not an expert, but I try to do the best I can within reason.

More sanding:


Before and after sanding and cleaning:

before and after

Yes, the deck itself is in poor condition, but there’s not much I can do about that.

View aft:

view aft

Unfortunately, the shipping schedule wasn’t posted, so I was caught off guard by Horizon Pacific:

Horizon Pacific passing by

I dashed off the ship and on to the pier to get some pics.

Mikioi at the stern:


Leaving the harbor:

Horizon Pacific

Umesato at Pier 8:


After leaving FOC for the day, I went to have a closer look to see if Umesato had any things I could add to my collection (idea source) of rat guard and chafing gear photos.

Strong, but ugly plastic chafing gear:

Umesato chafing gear

Worn line and worn mat:

Umesato mat and worn line

Rat guard:

Umesato rat guard

More chafing gear:

Umesato hull chafing gear

(Sun) Settsu:


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