Looks Like Rain…

The morning started off nicely enough. The sun was out. The harbor water was clear and calm.

clear and calm water

Sanding, but no varnishing due to the threat of rain. Bummer.

sanding port side

Paul’s been busy…new box!

new box

Matson’s Mokihana turned (complete with blast from her horn) just off of FOC’s stern. I had a good view from the poop deck:

Mokihana turning

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you may have read about the opportunity I had to go aboard Mokihana with Captain Ed Enos and of the aloha that Mokihana’s Captain Jim Hill has for FOC. Captain Enos was the pilot on Mokihana today and confirmed that the horn was for FOC. 🙂 Thank you, Captain Hill!



MELL Sudong leaving the harbor:

MELL Sudong

Oops. Where did the sun go? I really should read the weather report.

port side view

Rather sickly, tri-color sky:

tri-color sky

Aside from a few brief, light showers, the rain held off. I should have applied the varnish…


One comment on “Looks Like Rain…

  1. starbuck5250 says:

    The horn is a better salute than a high speed pass!

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