Déjà Vu

Exactly a year ago, I posted this: An Adventure

How cool that the same ships were in port today!

Queen Elizabeth arrived as I was walking to the harbor from the bus stop.

Queen Elizabeth arriving Pier 10

It was interesting to watch what was going on on the pier and on the ship.

Queen Elizabeth name

Heaving line:

heaving line

And again…

heaving line again

Traditional monkey’s fist:

monkey fist

(The funky green color is a fence that was in the way. See photo just below.)

mooring lines

Bow line dropping into the water:

dropping line in water

Rats have been on my mind, as I had one invade my house the other day. Thanks to a trap, it is now an ex-rat.

Queen Elizabeth rat guard

Rat guard on Kaiyo Maru. What’s the point if it’s not deployed properly?

Kaiyo Maru ratguard fail

However, very nice detail. Hitching on the weights:

detail of ratguard weights

Fish (appropriate) on hull of Kaiyo Maru:

Kaiyo Maru fish

Kaiyo Maru fender:

Kaiyo Maru fender

Kaiyu Maru (not a typo) fender:

Kaiyu Maru fender

Lots of barge traffic today. I thought this was the most interesting one. Assorted cargo on Pacific Trader:

cargo on Pacific Trader barge

I like the portables on top.

Recently, I’ve seen a brown booby diving for fish in the harbor. I tried getting photos of it, but due to the camera issue, the booby was more of a blurry.

Was a bit more lucky with the manual focus today. Still not the greatest, due to the distance.

brown booby

Work on FOC goes on in the hot sun…


Bitts looking nice (if I say so myself):


I’ve posted photos of the Mossend mark before. I like this one I took today:



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