A New Friend

What started off as an early morning ship spotting trip to the harbor turned into a longer, but, satisfying day.

Kaiyu Maru flying the blue peter:

Kaiyu Maru blue peter

I sat down on a rock by the water (between Pier 5 and Pier 6) and enjoyed a cup of coffee while waiting for Western Highway:

Western Highway arriving

A helicopter hovered overhead for a while, which was strange. I’m not sure if it was some Homeland Security thing. There is no sign that says “Don’t Sit on Rocks,” so I don’t think I was doing anything illegal. Hm.

Kauai with gantry cranes:


I ambled over to Pier 8/9 as the sun rose higher.

FOC sunrise

(I wasn’t able to get all of FOC in the shot because Kaiyu Maru was in the way.)

Tira Lani:

Tira Lani

The star of the morning was Kaiwo Maru. The ship shifted from Pier 31 to Pier 10.

Sigh. What a lovely sight!

Kaiwo Maru moving to Pier 10

Kaiwo Maru

The obligatory rat guard and chafing gear photos:

Kaiwo Maru rat guard and chafing gear

Kaiwo Maru chafing gear

Konjo, Kaiwo Maru’s figurehead:


While I was looking at the ship, a gentleman asked me if I had taken photos of the ship while she was moving. I said I had. He asked if I could email him a few. No problem. I found out he was a crew member who had sailed on the first leg of the voyage from Japan to Hawai‘i. He was returning home by plane instead of on board the ship.

We chatted for a little while. I asked him if he would like to have a look at FOC. I’m sure the ship was a curiosity compared to a modern barque like Kaiwo Maru, but it was a pleasure and quite satisfying to show the ship to someone who understands.

A morning well spent!

Before I knew it, it was approaching noon.

Mamo pushing Western Highway as the ship turned in the basin to leave the harbor:

Mamo pushing Western Highway

Seems like the tug equivalent of banging one’s head against a wall?

I ran out of varnish yesterday. I think I’m the only one who has an FOC Port Supply card, so I decided to walk over to West Marine to pick up more.

One last look at Kaiwo Maru with Aloha Tower:

Aloha Tower and Kaiwo Maru


2 comments on “A New Friend

  1. starbuck5250 says:

    Is this the first time Kaiwo Maru has been to Honolulu since the Tohoku Earthquake? She’s gorgeous!

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