Yesterday Gangway

As Sonangol Rangel was leaving, Hokuho Maru was arriving at Pier 9.

Hokuho Maru arriving Sonangol Rangel leaving

Pilot boat Kawika and Hokuho Maru:

Hokuho Maru and pilot boat

Lowering gangway:

Hokuho Maru lowering gangway

Chafing gear:

Hokuho Maru chafing gear

Rat guard:

Hokuho Maru rat guard

No weights to help hold it in place.

Satsumaseiun Maru was at Pier 8. Chafing gear:

Satsumaseiun Maru chafing gear

I arrived at FOC a little later than I usually do. The main task for the morning was to help move the old gangway aft, to make room for a new gangway. Unlike Hokuho Maru, we don’t have a boom on board, so it was all muscle power.

Looking down stepping from the ship to the gangway. Mind the Gap!


Thought I’d rope off the steps leading to the (now empty) gangway area…just in case.

just in case

Detail of the pier. A combination of different textures:

pier detail


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