Another Day of Varnishing

Since I didn’t get to do too much on Saturday, I returned to the ship on Sunday. I had intended to work for only a short time, but ended up staying all day.


It was another busy day in the harbor.

B. Sky arriving:

B Sky

Another large tanker, listed as Overseas Mindoro:

Mindoro Star

However, as the ship got closer, I could see no name on the starboard side. The “Overseas” had been painted out on the port side, leaving only “Mindoro.” Curious.

After she turned in the basin, I could see that her stern said O Star:

O Star

I guess she’s now Mindoro Star?



Tug of the day, Western Ranger:

Western Ranger

Matching Pair: B. Ace and B. Sky:

B Ace and B Sky

Sinkhole in the parking lot near the Navatek office at Pier 6:


Time to head home:

ship through trees at sunset


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