Holiday Ship Spotting

Rather than spending my holiday sitting at home in front of the computer, I returned to the harbor.

The Coast Guard ships were looking very sharp, dressed with flags. Here’s USCGC Rush:

USCGC Rush with flags

The usual barge traffic. Some boats on Ho‘omaka Hou:

boats by boat



“O STAR” no more! The painters were busy painting on the rest of the letters (a bit crooked) in her name:

O Star no More

Tosakaien Maru rat guard:

Tosakaien Maru rat guard

Despite the blustery wind, it was a nice day, so I decided to go walking. Instead of one of my usual routes toward ‘Ewa, I went to Kaka‘ako Waterfront Park.

A different view of Mindoro Star. The painters were definitey busy:

Mindoro Star

Some kids were jumping into a fenced off drainage canal. Not a good idea. Who knows where the run-off is coming from!

drainage canal

Cranes left at the Ehime Maru memorial:

cranes at Ehime Maru memorial

After basking for a while in the sun on top of one of the hills, I continued on to Kewalo Basin.

Did I mention it was (and still is) windy?


I was sad to discover that Kula Kai was gone. I looked around, but didn’t see her anywhere.

Her berth, next to the modern sampan Nisei, is now occupied by Betty H:

No Kula Kai

I hadn’t heard any news of her removal. A quick Google doesn’t turn up anything. She was in very poor shape, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they finally got rid of her.

Another vessel in sad shape is Vida Mia:

Vida Mia in sad shape

She needs a lot of TLC and varnish!

Here’s some info on her from WoodenBoat magazine’s website: Vida Mia


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