The Barbarians Are Attacking!

I found some new, interesting things on the deck this morning during my visual inspection of the ship.

Paper darts:

paper darts

After a week of wind and rain, it was nice to see the sun again:

along the port side

Even with all the rain (runoff), the harbor water was amazingly clear:

clear and calm water

I thought the rain was going to keep me in my cabin:

various things on desk

But, I was happy to be able to do some varnishing and other work on deck.

Kagawa Maru was at Pier 8. I posted a pic of the ship’s chafing gear before, but here’s another one because it’s attractive:

Kagawa Maru chafing gear

The cloth cover on one of the fenders amused me:

Crayon Shin-chan fender cover

If you look carefully, you can see it’s Crayon Shin-chan and Shiro. 😀

Celebrity Century’s rat guards:

Celebrity Century rat guards

Mikioi crew member throwing a line up to Capella:

line to Capella

Capella was fueling Celebrity Century.


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