Cargo Ships

I find cargo ships fascinating. I think it’s because of the variety of configurations they come in.

When I arrived at the harbor this morning, Nine Frontier was taking on fuel and getting ready to leave. She is a wood chip carrier.

Nine Frontier name

Instead of heading right over to FOC, I decided to wait in order to take some photos.

My favorite shot of the day! Nine Frontier crew member with rat guard:

Nine Frontier crew ratguard

A different sight on the pier:

dog with monkey fist

Playing fetch with a monkey fist (appropriate) until it was time for the ship to unmoor:

good boy


Pilot ladder and gangway:

Nine Frontier pilot ladder

Turning after leaving Pier 10/11:

Nine Frontier leaving Pier 10:11

Aomori Maru arrived at Pier 9 as Nine Frontier was leaving.

Crew members getting ready to place fenders between the ship and the pier:

placing fenders

Fender detail:

Aomori Maru fender

Unusual to see a Horizon Lines ship at this location:

Horizon Pacific

After getting my fill for the day of sanding and varnishing, I went with a friend for a late lunch/early dinner. We picked up some food and went to sit on one of the hillocks in Kaka‘ako Waterfront Park.

It was nice to see a number of humpback whales off shore:

thar she blows

(The white blot in the photo is a whale spouting.)

Some were in/near the harbor channel. I hope they don’t get hit by any of the ships arriving or departing the harbor.

A nice finish to a fairly good day:



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