Full Day at the Harbor

I hadn’t intended to stay all day at the harbor yesterday, but things just evolved.

The morning was spent on the ship, as usual. It was a rough week at work, so I decided to take it easy. No hard work, just inspecting things and measuring ullages.

A student is working on a photography project on board the ship. It’s interesting to see the ship via her creative vision. I took her down into the pump room, which is one of my favorite areas, in terms of subject material. Every time I’m down there, I notice something new and intriguing.

Speaking of pumps… No need to pump this week, but the pumping system was (and still is) on my mind. I happened to notice a pipe sticking through the forward bulkhead of port tank #1. It was tucked away behind one of the water tanks.

pipe through bulkhead

I went over to have a look:

pipe detail

Hm, this looks promising!

We ran into a bit of a problem with running PVC pipes through the deck down into the #1 tanks as well as the pump room. Unlike the other tanks, the deck over the #1 tanks is covered with a layer of concrete because the area functioned as the ship’s boiler room.

Looking at photos taken inside the port tank #1 from last summer’s survey, we may be able to incorporate this pipe into our system. At the very least, we can use the existing hole in the bulkhead.

Below the pipe was a drainage hole (to the pump room) in the concrete waterway:

drainage hole in waterway

View through the hole:

view through hole

Tank bulkhead is to the left and frame #100 to the right.

For reference, a photo of Chris Jannini that I posted previously:

labeling pump room

He’s standing on the stringer just below the one visible in the previous photo.

Rat’s eye view:

rat's eye view

Where bulkheads meet:

<where bulkheads meet

Building up (again) my collection of rivet heads and other bits that fall off:

the collection

Outside the ship…

Polar Ranger towing Westward Trader:

Polar Ranger

Voyaging canoe?

voyaging canoe

Robert C. Seamans at Pier 9:

Robert C. Seamans

As I’ve said before, it’s always a joy to see a sailing vessel in the harbor.

The obligatory rat guard photo:

Robert C. Seamans rat guards

I took the opportunity to chat with one of the crew members. This led to a tour of the ship and a tour of FOC. As with the gentleman from Kaiwo Maru, it was a pleasure to meet them. They understand.

Paul happened to be on the ship doing some work on the electrical system. While we were talking, he was called back to the pilot boat. With kind permission from Captain Steve Baker, I got to go out to Kauai with them:

Zipping along the port side:

Kauai port side


Kauai offshore

😀 Great fun!


3 comments on “Full Day at the Harbor

  1. youwarke says:

    “Rats eye” view. That’s a good un!

  2. Buck says:

    Very cool to see how all the parts fit together. Well, some of ‘all the parts’ anyway!

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