Melancholy Reflections

When I arrived at the pier this morning, some old graphic panels in the maritime museum had been moved and were visible through the glass panes facing the ship. Seeing them made me sad. Aside from the Falls and a few displays in Aloha Tower, what (or who) remains to tell the stories of an important part of Hawai‘i’s maritime history?


I spent some time in the aftpeak with the student who is working on the photography project. It was soothing to hear the sound of the moving water on the other side of the hull (we were below the waterline) and the old girl “talking” as she rocked gently. The visual aspect, was another story. While fascinating in its own way, it is quite sobering.


On a lighter note, the birds continue to leave gifts on the deck. A new type of nut/seed:

mystery nuts

Can anyone ID?

Lunchtime for the Coast Guard folks on duty:


Detail of a part of a barge:

barge detail


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