Threatening Weather

Thunderstorms and heavy rains were predicted for yesterday. Along with the prediction came grey skies, VOG, and uncomfortable humidity down at the harbor.

Birds continue to drop seeds/nuts on to the deck of the ship. I picked up more to add to my collection.

We put up a new banner on the port side of the ship. It seemed to be a decent size while being handled on deck, but it is really dwarfed by the size of the ship.

FOC with new banner

Since we last pumped the ballast water between tanks to correct the ship’s slight list to starboard, the list has slowly increased again. We decided to transfer water to even her out.

I didn’t feel like doing much more work, so I left with a friend to hang out on her boat in the Ala Wai.

A wandering tattler (‘ulili) in breeding plumage, landed on one of the concrete piles by the boat. Very cute!

wandering tattler

Forest of masts at sunset:

masts at Ala Wai

Puffer conflict in the shallows:

puffer conflict

The one on the right chased the other one off.


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