“Lost in Musing Circumstances…”

Sometimes things don’t work out the way you plan. Add to that a bit of drama and stir…

Yeah, it was that kind of week.

“Don’t surround yourself with yourself…”

It’s a bad thing, but that’s all I want to do now. Anyway…

There was a problem with the shiny, new gangway.

gangplank fail

The less said about that, the better.

I spent only about 40 minutes on the ship on Saturday. I did a quick walk around the deck, checked the list, and left. Among other things, my heart just wasn’t in it to do more. That was for the best because I had other matters to attend to.

Sea Princess rat guards:

Sea Princess rat guards

Yet another photo of the old anchor:


While I was trying to deal with taking photos through a gap in the fence, a large needlefish cruised by:


Beautiful colors…pointy teeth!

Draft marks on tug:


Male house finch in a tree at Pier 15:

house finch

“Turn yourself around…Turn your life around…Turn your world around…Turn this ship around…”

New contacts and a new project. Perhaps it’s possible.

Watch this space.


2 comments on ““Lost in Musing Circumstances…”

  1. starbuck5250 says:

    I’ll be watching and sending you positive thoughts!

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