Termites Looking for a New Home

Work on the tween deck today. We took down some old (but not historic) wood shelving.

Friends of Falls of Clyde’s president, Bruce McEwan, making the termites unhappy:

taking down old shelving

termite eaten wood

Oh the joys of termite frass!

termite droppings

Old signage Bruce found:

old sign

Removing the shelving also opened up that particular area. It’s no longer a dark, uninviting space.

let there be light

Of course, I had to have a look around. Here’s the CLIFF manufacturer’s mark on angle iron riveted to the tank bulkhead with an interesting texture around the margins of the rivets:

CLIFF mark on angle iron

The ship’s original iron frames and beams are stamped MOSSEND. Anything stamped CLIFF is an addition.

I wanted to move the rest of the shelving to have a look at the surface of the bulkhead behind it. Oops.

heavier than it looks

It was heavier than it looked, so I had to abandon that idea. I had visions of me being squashed under it…not good.

The new gangway was making mournful sounds…a distinct improvement from the elephant trumpeting of last week. From inside the ship it sounded rather like humpback whale calls!

Port tank #2 illuminated by sunlight streaming through holes in the deck:


More rust-tea:

more rust-tea

Too lazy to empty.

The Shadow of 5:

shadow of 5

I received a lovely gift today:

FOC book

sample page

Mahalo Jenny! Beautiful work.

Elsewhere in the harbor…

Two types of rat guards on Rhapsody of the Seas:

Rhapsody of the Seas rat guards 1

Rhapsody of the Seas rat guards 2

And my old friend the needlefish, cruising around looking as toothy as ever:



One comment on “Termites Looking for a New Home

  1. starbuck5250 says:

    The book looks gorgeous! Must feel good to be rid of termite-riddled wood. That needlefish is as cool as ever.

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