National Maritime Day

Yesterday was National Maritime Day in the United States. I had the opportunity to take part in a memorial ceremony offshore.


First of all, I stopped by the ship to check on her, as I usually do when I’m in the area. I bought some flowers for the service at sea and decided to leave a few in the fo’c’sle for any of the old crew lingering about:

flowers for the crew

We left from Pier 9 on board Mana‘o.

Stern view of the Falls:

FOC stern

Out beyond the entrance to Honolulu Harbor, looking back at downtown Honolulu:

out to sea

Captain Ed Enos reads a letter from Senator Mazie Hirono:

Capt Enos and Leighton Tseu

Copy of the letter:

2013.05.22_National Maritime Day

This was followed by a moving oli by Mr. Leighton Tseu:

L Tseu

Offerings, thoughts, and heartfelt words to shipmates, friends, and colleagues who have passed on:

offering of beer


Brown booby wondering what all the fuss was about:

brown booby on buoy

Then it was back to the harbor and life on land:

Security Zone sign

Back at Pier 9:


Cal Maritime’s Golden Bear at Pier 10:

Golden Bear


One comment on “National Maritime Day

  1. starbuck5250 says:

    Mahalo for sharing.

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