After a not-so-satisfying Friday, the weekend turned out so much better!

Despite the heat, it was a good day on FOC on Saturday. If you follow my ramblings on this blog, you know I’ve been feeling down as of late. It’s rather nice to be positive again.

In addition to the usual maintenance things, I chipped rust (something I haven’t done in a while) from the steel part of the deck:

chipped rust

I also did some much needed sweeping and cleaning of the area around some of the scuppers:

dust pan of muck

Yeah, a lot of muck!

It’s unfortunate that such a simple task (sweeping) is made so much harder by all the yards lying on the deck. 😦 Oh well, it is what it is.

After leaving the ship, I spoke to Paul about going out on the pilot boat again. A big mahalo to Captain Tom Heberle for allowing me to do so!

The historic Kaya Fishing Supply store, on the way from Aloha Tower to the pilot station at Pier 19:

Kaya Fishing Supply

It was an exhilarating ride out to Kauai—much farther and a bit rougher than before.

Paul at the helm of Kawika with the city in the distance:

Paul on Kawika

A quick peek into Kewalo Basin:

expensive boats

Larry Ellison’s monster yacht Musashi and a very nice sailing yacht Kaori.

When Musashi was at Pier 9, I contemplated throwing a note attached to a monkey’s fist on board asking for money for FOC. (Mr. Ellison, if you come across this note, could we talk?)

Anyway, back to Kauai. In the harbor:

Kauai in the harbor

A quick visit to FOC:

alongside FOC

Kauai turned around and heading backwards to the pier:


Tanker Atlantic Grace at Pier 51:

Atlantic Grace at pier 51

Day turns into night at Honolulu Harbor:

Mauna Loa

Today was a lazy day. I went to West Marine and Home Depot with a friend. I picked up some supplies for the ship. We got lunch and headed to Pier 7 to eat.

Atlantic Grace was leaving:

Atlantic Grace leaving

My friend spotted this collector urchin with a stick:

avant garde urchin

That was definitely different!

When I went aboard FOC to stow the stuff I had bought, I found a new bird gift:

new bird gift

It was probably dropped by a fairy tern. Due to the heat on the ship, it was dried out. I just hope this isn’t the start of a new trend.

Thanks again to Paul and Captain Heberle!


2 comments on “Woo!

  1. Buck says:

    Glad you’re feeling better! Thanks for taking the time to post these marvelous photos. I too hope the birds haven’t started a new trend… Never knew about collector urchins until now. The sea is a mysterious and wonderful place.

  2. weeboopiper says:

    Thanks for reading and commenting, Buck. Yeah, I don’t relish picking bits of fish off the deck. The collector urchins are interesting. Usually, they have more flat, modest debris stuck to them.

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