Today’s Star of the Harbor…

…was ARC Gloria. Nice to see so many people interested in the ship.

But first, a bit about FOC. Maintenance as usual. Thought I’d have to pump some of the ballast water between tanks, but things hadn’t changed much from last week.

The trend of things appearing on the deck is growing slightly alarming. The seeds/nuts were harmless. Last week, there was a dead fish. This week there was a dead chick:

dead chick

Wonder what I’ll find next week?

B. Ace arriving:

B Ace

Fukushima Maru backing up to Pier 8:

Fukushima Maru

Fukushima Maru‘s chafing gear:

Fukushima Maru chafing gear

Back to Gloria. As I mentioned, a lot of people showed up to have a look at the ship.

I posted a photo of the ship the last time she was here, so I don’t want to repeat that.

Oh, all right. Here’s the obligatory rigging shot:

obligatory rigging shot

I was much more interested in details this time around.

Chafing gear. I like the use of the Columbian flag colors (repeated around the ship):

chafing gear

Figurehead detail:

Gloria figurehead

Turk’s heads on a boom:

turks heads boom

More turk’s heads protecting a rail:

turks heads

Slightly faded, but nice whipping:


I’m afraid that my coils of line on FOC are super boring, having examined the ones on Gloria.

fancy coils 4

fancy coils 1

fancy coils 2

fancy coils 3

Lots of bits to shine!

Mainstay ferrule:


Block with nice crest:

block detail


ladder detail

Plate on the fife rail with the name of a line:
cargadera mayor

Deck prism:

deck prism

Detail from port side of windlass:

detail port side of winch

Saved this one for last:

tarred seine twine

It made me smile. 🙂


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