Funny How Things Work Out

Yesterday (Sunday) was too nice of a day to spend lazing about at home, so I decided to head down to the harbor. My goal was to get a photo of the car carrier Lapis Arrow, but I missed the arrival of the ship because I ended up having a nice chat with someone I hadn’t seen in quite a while. I’ve been feeling a bit down again due to various circumstances, but he said a few things that helped cheer me up. Much appreciated, frank, sensible talk from a mariner.

I stopped by the ship to check on some things and did a couple of small tasks I didn’t get to do on Saturday.

The atmosphere at Pier 9 was festive with music from ARC Gloria. Lots of people touring the ship:

people touring ARC Gloria

It’s nice to see there is local interest in tall ships. Or, is the ship merely a novelty?

Detail of ensign:


A trip up to the observation area of Aloha Tower provided a different view:

ARC Gloria from Aloha Tower

Did I mention it was a nice day?

View over the harbor, looking westward:

view to the west

Detail of area by Piers 30–32, with B. Ace (see Saturday’s post), Chevron’s Florida Voyager, and Lapis Arrow:

B Ace Florida Voyager Lapis Arrow

A sad reminder of what was:

sad reminder

At the risk of becoming a nuisance, I gathered up my courage to ask if I could go out on the pilot boat again. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, eh?



R.J. Pfeiffer:

RJ Pfeiffer

Here’s Florida Voyager from a different angle:

Florida Voyager

Kwai was between Florida Voyager and Lapis Arrow:


Stern of Lapis Arrow:

Lapis Arrow stern

As car carriers go, she’s prettier than a lot of the ones I’ve seen, due to her vibrant colors.

View of bow:

Lapis Arrow bow

Hey, there’s my house! A shout out to everyone up on ‘Alewa Heights 🙂

Kamehameha and Alewa Heights

R.J. Pfeiffer and a containerless Manoa:

RJ Pfeiffer and Manoa

R.J. Pfeiffer rat guards:

RJ Pfeiffer rat guards

Manoa’s bow with old APL eagle visible:

Manoa bow

Another view of ARC Gloria:

ARC Gloria

The Falls:


Yeah, that rail on the poop deck looks good. 😛

It was time for Lapis Arrow to leave.

Looking back toward the harbor:

looking back

Hello Plimsoll Line!

Plimsoll Line

Smiling crew at the pilot ladder:

smiling crew



As I said, things worked out after all. I got my photos of Lapis Arrow, courtesy of Paul, Captain Tom Heberle, and Captain Sinclair Brown. A BIG mahalo!

Hawai‘i is a maritime state. As such, it would be great if there was more of a connection to what goes on in the harbors around the state. Hopefully, my photos provide my friends and people who stumble across this blog a brief peek into a world that they don’t get to see very often, if at all.


2 comments on “Funny How Things Work Out

  1. starbuck5250 says:

    What an eye you have! I loved Gloria! Car carriers seem ready to fall over at any minute – that stern shot of Lapis Arrow seems… impossible. Deeply appreciate you sharing your beautiful harbour with us!

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