Hanging in There

port view FOC

Not the prettiest sight, but she’s a good girl.

New bird gifts:

more bird gifts

Thinking of attempting tanker bucket gardening (a nod to tanker Mary A Whalen). Anything that requires a lot of watering probably won’t survive. A native plant would be good. Maybe pohinahina?

Some tug stuff…



Not sure what was going on here. A barge handoff?

Phyllis Dunlap was hauling Hawaii Trader (assisted by Mikioi and Pi‘ilani), when they came to a halt off FOC’s stern:

Phyllis Dunlap with Hawaii Trader


the hand off

Bye…she’s all yours now.

she's yours now


2 comments on “Hanging in There

  1. Hello from the tanker MARY A. WHALEN in Brooklyn! NIce to be noted in your blog! Out tip for tanker bucket gardening is to collect rain water off the deck. Looks like you have enough sheer to have it all drain aft to collection point(s)? Not sure of your rain level; it’s relentless here these days. Happy Gardening!

    • weeboopiper says:

      Hello Carolina, thanks for visiting the blog! During the summer, the harbor doesn’t get a whole lot of rain…mostly passing showers. Maybe we need to grow cactus, as a volunteer suggested?

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