Back to the Old Grind

Yesterday started with my usual walk around the ship to make sure all is well.

No dead things, but the birds are still bringing their snacks aboard:

more bird gifts

Close up of collection:

bird gift collection detal

The morning was a perfect one for work on deck. Overcast, but no rain, and a nice cool breeze.

Back to sanding and varnishing on the fo’c’sle head:


Taking a break:

from the fo'c'sle head

Happy corals and yellow tangs.

Weed growing by the port cathead:


First coat of varnish much later in the day:

more varnish

Shame the rest of the deck is in such poor shape. 😦

One of our volunteers has done a superb job creating order out of chaos in the tool room and area behind the “cage”:

tool room

tween deck

It’s so much better than what it was and I’m very happy!

Kaye, we found your name tag:

Kaye name tag

An imperfect view of the outside world:

porthole glass damage

Speaking of the outside world, life in Honolulu Harbor goes on.

Double vision:

double vision

Mana‘o going to pick up some people:


And heading out, passing Horizon Pacific:

heading out

In the background to the left is Manoa, which arrived a short time later:

Manoa arriving

Looks like someone messed with one of Kulamanu’s lines:

line in water



Challenge Premier leaving:

Challenge Pioneer

A group of pics of Horizon Pacific as she was leaving Pier 1 and turning around to head to Pier 51:

Horizon Pacific and tugs

Horizon Pacific turning


Horizon Lines

Sun setting behind the Wai‘anae range. Time to go home!



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