Aside from the opportunity to work on a one-of-a-kind, National Historic Landmark ship, there are some additional perks to slaving away on board FOC.

Big mahalo to Captain Ed Enos for giving the okay for one of the volunteers to ride out with him in the pilot boat yesterday morning. Also, thanks to Paul for being so gracious, as usual!

Early morning, with partial rainbow:

partial rainbow

Tug of the day…Pacific Challenger taking the fuel barge Ne‘ena over to Pride of America:

Pacific Challenger

Not the greatest photo (bad angle), but here’s Captain Enos getting ready to go aboard MELL Stamford:

Capt Enos from pilot boat

Need to work on my action shots!

Anyway, while I’m thinking about it, a short aside. Mariana Express Lines Ltd. (MELL) is based in Singapore. It makes sense for the company to have a ship named “Stamford.” Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles is considered the “Father of Singapore.”

MELL Stamford at sea:

MELL Stamford from Kawika

leaving MELL Stamford

A visit to Kewalo Basin before returning to Honolulu Harbor.

Tiger 9 and shipyard buildings:

Tiger 9 Kewalo

Treasure Seeker, the pirate-theme ship:

Treasure Seeker in Kewalo

Matson cranes:

Matson gantry pair

MELL Stamford in the harbor:

MELL Stamford in harbor

MELL Stamford port side

MELL Stamford at Pier 51

Rat guards:

MELL Stamford rat guards

Different view of one of the Horizon Lines cranes:

Horizon crane

Bridge to Sand Island:

bridge to Sand Island

Also in port is Pacific Tracker:

Pacific Tracker port side

Pacific Tracker stern

More of her later.

The fun of zipping about on board Kawika came to an end and it was back to Pier 7.

B&W study of a wooden boat on the pier:

wood study

Yes, it does rain at the harbor.

puddles on deck

Fortunately, the puddles evaporate quickly in the hot sun:

port side hot day

Part of the aft bulkhead of port tank #5 that was obscured by old wood shelving:

bulkhead exposed

Aftpeak…still scary, but stable:

scary but stable

Birds need to go elsewhere to s(h)it:

bird poo on rail

Kaiyu Maru at Pier 8:

Kaiyu Maru

Kaiyu Maru’s colorful chafing gear:

Kaiyu Maru chafing gear

Up on Aloha Tower for a different view.

Can’t see the bird poo at this distance:

FOC poop deck

Pacific Tracker again:

Pacific Tracker from Aloha Tower

Detail of aft dome:

Pacific Tracker ball detail

Rat guards and lots of line:

Pacific Tracker rat guards

Whale bus!

whale bus

Back to street level and more rat guards at Pacific Tracker’s bow:

Pacific Tracker rat guards 1

Alien face?

Pacific Tracker bow

Finally, something to add to my fish spotting list. A saddleback butterflyfish (with friends):

saddleback butterflyfish


4 comments on “Perks

  1. Ignacio says:

    Great job!! From Valencia Pilots, Spain.

  2. starbuck5250 says:

    A beautiful assortment of photos of paradise. As an amateur radio operator, Pacific Tracker is very interesting to me!

    • weeboopiper says:

      Thanks Buck! I guess the government was doing some sort of testing/exercise because the SBX-1 is also here (at Pearl Harbor).

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