Sunday Adventure

Another pleasant afternoon off the south coast of O‘ahu.

In previous posts, I touched on my fondness for looking at things from different perspectives. This post continues on with that.

Hello R.J. Pfeiffer!

RJ Pfeiffer

I’ve seen the Pfeiffer in the harbor (and had the honor of piping for her, oh, what seems like a lifetime ago), but it’s pretty cool to see her out at sea.

There goes Kawika after taking the pilot out to the ship:


Heading into the harbor:

RJ Pfeiffer heading in

The USCGC Kittiwake was speeding along but slowed down…


Uh oh. For a few moments, we wondered if we had violated some maritime rule we didn’t know about. Glad to see the ship go on her way into the harbor. We headed off toward Diamond Head.

Mystery bird:

what bird

And it’s actually in focus! Too bad it was so far away and heading away from the boat, so no ID.

All good things must come to an end and it was time to return to the Ala Wai.

A little while back, my friend went on a trip. When she returned, she found she was playing host to a new family: Unexpected Guests

The youngsters came back to visit:

the youngsters linger

Level horizons courtesy of Photoshop.


One comment on “Sunday Adventure

  1. […] These photos were taken by my friend Susan, and you can see more of her shipspotting shots here. […]

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