Photo Credit? :(

For a while, I was putting my name on my photos. It got to be a bit of a drag, so I stopped. Maybe I need to start doing it again?

Ship & Bunker used my “baby Matson container” shot to illustrate an article about the Matson bunker surcharge. While that’s flattering, they didn’t ask permission. A photo credit would be great!

ETA: Thank you to Buck for taking action and to Martyn Lasek (Editor, Ship & Bunker) for his quick response regarding this issue!

Ship&Bunker pic

baby container


4 comments on “Photo Credit? :(

  1. starbuck5250 says:

    Bummer. I wrote the editor, noting their, er, oversight. We’ll see how they respond. Your Flickr page clearly says ‘All rights reserved’ but this blog isn’t so clear. Perhaps a note on the Blogger template? Although personally, I as an ordinary citizen couldn’t imagine simply using a photo I found without asking permission first. It’s appalling that a professional editor would do such a thing.

  2. weeboopiper says:

    Thanks Buck!

    • Buck says:

      For the record, the editor wrote a very prompt and very courteous reply. The test of professionalism is when one encounters a disgruntled customer, and this editor is a true professional.

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