Death and Life

A grim way to start the day. I discovered two small bodies up on the fo’c’sle head during my visual inspection on Saturday. Strange that one was by the top of the port ladder and the other one was by the top of the starboard ladder. Is someone trying to tell me something?

dead chick starbd

dead chick port

On a cheerier note, there seems to be a dove’s nest (with egg) on the bowsprit:

bowsprit nest

It will be interesting to see if it hatches.

Unfortunately, the pumping system is down at the moment:

pump system offline

Paul has taken both of the pumps apart and is ready to work on them once he gets his hands on the parts.

Rat’s eye view aft along the tween deck:

rat's eye view aft

Tug of the day…Miki Hana…in the harbor without a barge:

Miki Hana

Boat news of the week was the Transpac. I took a few shots of Ragamuffin, which was at Pier 9.

Crewman aloft…visible from FOC’s poop deck:

aloft Ragamuffin

I’m not into racing, but it was interesting to check out the boat:


Sorting out a sail on the pier (DOT Harbors people not happy about that):

Ragamuffin crew with sail

Just another hot, sunny day in Hawai‘i.

Even the doves needed to cool off:

dove bath


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