Hunting Pirates

I’m not a fan of pirates. The fictional ones can be cheesy and the real life ones are…scum…to put it mildly.

However, I guess I can’t fault people for trying to capitalize on the popularity of the Jack Sparrow-esque, jolly pirate. It’s a living, isn’t it?

Treasure Seeker out of Kewalo Basin:

Treasure Seeker

Treasure Seeker twd Diamond Head

Also saw my first pod of wild dolphins at sea. Joy! Unfortunately, no pic. 😦

More Transpac. This is Bad Pak (I believe?) headed toward the finish line off Diamond Head:

Bad Pack

I have to say it’s bloody hard getting in focus, decently framed shots on a tossing sailboat!

Diamond Head and the lighthouse:

Diamond Head lighthouse

Surf was up along the coast!

Nice boat, but flying a pirate flag.

pretty boat

Conflict back at the pier. Crab tug-of-war!

crab tug-of-war sm


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