Saturday started off well but quickly went pear shaped.

When I arrived at the ship, I found a whale bus parked on the street right in front of her bow.

The bus driver seemed amused as I took pictures. 😀

blue whale bus 1 detail

blue whale bus by FOC

Whale bus on the move taken from the fo’c’sle head:

blue whale bus from FOC

Not the most interesting shot, but I like the lighting and texture:

end of line picked at by birds

Obviously the strands are favored as nest-building material.

Speaking of nests, the one I spotted last week was gone:

nest gone

Only a few twigs remained.

I completed my main deck inspection and returned to my cabin. After organizing myself, I went below only to discover that the ship had been broken into and stuff taken. I don’t want to say too much, but I’d like to thank Aloha Tower traffic control and the Harbor Police for their quick response.

Filling out a police report is not what I had in mind for that morning. 😦

The rest of the day was pretty much shot. I did make it a point to measure the tank ullages. Very important, since we were worried by the approaching tropical storm, Flossie.


One comment on “#@%$!

  1. starbuck5250 says:

    Stay safe. Hope Flossie peters out.

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