So Much for a Peaceful Day on the Ship

After a long and busy week at work, I was looking forward to spending some quiet time on the ship doing simple tasks.

When I arrived at the ship, I came upon this:

wonky gangway

So much for the quiet time.

Due to the recent occurrences on board the ship and on the pier, caution is turning into a bit of paranoia. My first thought was that someone had been up to no good. Upon closer inspection of the area, I found that the spring line running aft from amidships was hanging down in the water. Just great. I wondered if someone had taken it off the bollard and let it slip down. 😦

spring line

At least that explained the state of the gangway and platform. The ship herself pushed them, since she was moving further aft than usual.

After making some phone calls, I went aboard. Unfortunately, there were signs that an unauthorized person had been on board again. 😦

More dead things on deck as well:

bird wing

I have not found the rest. Yet.

With help, the spring line situation was taken care of for the time being. Work needs to be done to replace it. It was a relief to see that the chain the line was attached to had, in fact, failed.

BIG, BIG MAHALO to Captain Ed Enos!


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