After the unwanted drama of the past two weekends, I was really relieved that today turned out to be quiet and uneventful.

It rained in the morning and was overcast for most of the day.

rain on deck

I decided to do some “sit down” work.

I was going to cut new stoppers, but found some lines that were already cut in useful lengths. All they needed were some whippings. Done.

Next on my list was putting together a “mini” fender to protect the side of a friend’s boat from rather a large and awkward bolt/nut combination that is sticking out of the concrete of the pier at her slip.

I knew this old stuff was good for something:

old line

Why buy something when you can make it with what you have on hand?

Cutting away the unwanted bits:

cutting line

Not too bad:

two pieces

All ready for seizing:

ready for seizing


seizing done

I also made a grommet that can be attached to the front of the fender. I’m not sure if it’s needed for additional protection, but I’ll make it up with canvas padding just in case.

On to bigger stuff…

The cause of last week’s hand wringing, one end of the spring line with part of the chain that failed:

spring line

Yup, I had noticed the wear on the links back in 2011. It was only a matter of time…

The other side by the bollard. The chain is not the same chain, but forms an eye that goes around the bollard. Scary but strangely artsy in a way (the combination of textures and colors):

scary but artsy

View of the bollard:

needs sorting


The bird wing was still on the deck but in a different location. Still no body. Very odd. I guess I should have picked it up and thrown it away. 😦 Wonder if it will still be there next week?

No interesting ships today.

Kokua turning Mauna Loa:

Kokua and Mauna Loa


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