“Mini” Fender

I finished the “mini” fender I was working on for a friend. It evolved a little bit from the original design I had in my head.

mini fender

Unfortunately, it still isn’t thick enough (end of bolt sticks out).

Back to the drawing board I guess.


3 comments on ““Mini” Fender

  1. starbuck5250 says:

    Where did you learn marlinspike work? Do you have a favourite book?

    • weeboopiper says:

      Chris Jannini from San Francisco Maritime taught me the basics while he was here. I like Hervey Garrett Smith’s book “The Marlinspike Sailor,” but I have others I refer to as well. I also get ideas from other ships in the harbor, which is why I go around taking pics of their chafing gear, etc.

      • starbuck5250 says:

        Pictures of the finished product only help me so much. I’m not visual enough to suss out how to get from plain rope to (say) a Turk’s Head. Not many marlinspike sailors hereabouts 😦

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